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Mr. Summers said such claims have “been blown way out of proportion.”

“Right after I got elected secretary of state in 2010, I received a call from a member of her staff who asked me to endorse her, and my knee-jerk reaction was sure,” Mr. Summers said.

But after thinking about it for a moment, he told Mrs. Snowe’s office that “I’m now the chief elections official in Maine. It wouldn’t be good for you; it wouldn’t be good for me. You know, don’t make me use my office officially to do that.”

Mr. Summers says he remedied the situation a few weeks later by speaking out on Mrs. Snowe’s behalf at a variety of preliminary campaign events in Maine before she ultimately announced that she would not seek another term.

Recent indications, however, are that she is still not over it.

While Mrs. Snowe was listed on the invitation as a co-host, according to a report by the Maine Sunday Telegram, she was nowhere to be seen at a fundraiser held by national Republican leaders for Mr. Summers in Washington last week.