- The Washington Times - Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Once again, it’s time to check off some items on my “TIDU List” — Things I Don’t Understand:

Why the Nats’ Game 2 thrashing should cause alarm. 

The Cardinals scored a dozen times Monday, but none of those runs will carry over to Game 3. The NLDS now amounts to a three-game series at home, and the Nats played above a .600 clip at home this season. They’ll advance if they keep it up.

Now isn’t the time for alarm; hair-pulling can commence if they lose Game 3.

How RG3 will enjoy any longevity at his current rate.

The Redskins’ franchise QB suffered his first concussion in his fifth game, a ratio that could end his career by next season if the pace continues. Griffin’s tough talk about always getting up, even from a cart, was foolish. No one questions his courage, just his desire to demonstrate it.

Here’s hoping that wicked sideline hit knocked some sense into him.

Why anyone thinks Tim Tebow is a long-term solution.

It was inevitable that the New York Jets eventually would hear calls for Te-bow! Te-bow! You saw that coming upon his arrival from Denver, where legions of obsessed fans inexplicably thought he was the answer. He is, if you’re asking: “Who’s a great guy?”

He also epitomizes faith, the evidence of things not seen. Like his QB skills.

How the Harrison twins won’t help the Terps anyway.

Aaron and Andrew, the package-deal backcourt that broke Maryland’s heart on national TV, are headed to Kentucky. In other news, the weather is getting colder. The Terps were close but came in second to John Calipari. That’s nothing to be ashamed of when chasing Top-10 prospects.

It’s like successfully flirting with real cuties; it makes others like them express more interest in you.

Why Eric Winston wasted his eloquent speech on ignorant fans.

The Kansas City lineman unleashed an epic rant after fans cheered when Chiefs QB Matt Cassel was knocked out during Sunday’s game. Winston was passionate and emotional, but measured and articulate in ripping those who expressed joy while Cassel lay concussed. It was great.

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