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“Undersecretary for Management has determined that support for Embassy Tripoli using the DC3 will be terminated,” the email said. “Post’s request to continue use of the plane in support of the [security support team] was considered.”

Col. Wood also is slated to testify Wednesday before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Rep. Darrell E. Issa, California Republican and committee chairman, has sent a letter to the State Department listing 16 attacks on Western targets in Libya before the fatal consulate assault.

A committee spokesman told ABC News that the May 3 email “is consistent with what the oversight committee has been told by individuals who worked in Libya.”

“Ambassador Stevens and the diplomatic mission in Libya made multiple security-related requests that were turned down by Washington-based officials. Security-related transportation has been identified as one of the particular items where embassy personnel did not receive the support they sought,” the spokesman said.

At the State Department briefing Tuesday, The Times asked spokeswoman Victoria Nuland what role Mr. Kennedy has played in putting together the accountability review board.

“It’s the secretary’s ultimate decision. He may well play a role, or his — the person in his position may suggest individuals, but it’s the secretary’s decision who to nominate on the State side,” Mrs. Nuland said.

Guy Taylor contributed to this report.