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Compensating for problems with her left hamstring, Hlavackova tweaked her right hip flexor warming up Saturday morning. So she went to the net 24 times against Kirilenko, winning 18 of those points.

Hlavackova insists her family’s expertise meshes just fine with her career as a professional tennis player. Drinking one small beer a week is good for athletes, she explained.

Despite the storied history of Czech tennis, Hlavackova said confidence in her tennis game never came naturally.

“Americans, they have all this: `You’re going to become No. 1. You’re the best; you’re the best.’ They keep telling you all your life,” Hlavackova said. “In Czech, you always have to prove yourself. You have to prove yourself to everyone _ people, parents, opponents. I never actually had that attitude: I believe in myself.”

Now she’s starting to believe.


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