- Associated Press - Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Library cards weighed as illegal-immigrant IDs

LOS ANGELES — Illegal immigrants in California’s largest city could use library cards to open bank accounts and access an array of city services under a plan being considered by city officials.

Under the plan, anyone with proof of Los Angeles residency could get a library card, the Los Angeles Times reported. The idea is to provide a form of ID to those who cannot get a driver’s license because of their immigration status.

The City Council unanimously voted recently to consider the proposal, which would have Los Angeles join a growing number of cities across the nation that offer various forms of identification to illegal immigrants and others who cannot get driver’s licenses because of their immigration status. San Francisco and Oakland have adopted similar measures.


Some state abortion laws may be unconstitutional

BOISE — The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says some Idaho abortion laws are likely unconstitutional, including one barring medication-induced abortions. But the judges didn’t rule on Idaho’s fetal-pain law, saying a woman who sued over the law doesn’t have standing to challenge it.

Jennie McCormack was thought to be the first person in the nation to sue over bans on abortions after 20 weeks, based on the premise that the fetus might feel pain. Idaho and several other states have the bans.

Ms. McCormack, of Pocatello, sued after she was charged with using medication to end a pregnancy that was more than five months along. Idaho requires that health professionals perform abortions.


New Kennedy attorneys for impaired-driving case

ARMONK — Kerry Kennedy, accused of driving while impaired with drugs, has new attorneys representing her.

The daughter of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and niece of President John F. Kennedy appeared in North Castle Town Court on Tuesday with attorneys Gerald Lefcourt and William Aronwald. They asked for an adjournment so they could have more time to familiarize themselves with the case.

The case was reset for Nov. 20.

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