- The Washington Times - Thursday, September 13, 2012


It takes a lot to offend me, but I was deeply offended by the Democrats’ removal of references to God from the party platform — and I am not even a Democrat (“Obama’s party says no to God,” Comment & Analysis, Sept. 7). Then, of course, the Democrats got angry at those of us who had the audacity to be upset, as though they are the only ones allowed to be offended.

Anyone who brought up the issue was chastised for blowing it out of proportion. How does one blow that out of proportion? They did not remove “Allah” or “Buddha” — they removed “God” — our Creator, according to the Declaration of Independence. Then the Democrats said it did not make them godless. Perhaps not all Democrats are godless, but the party platform certainly almost became so. Our schools are already prayer-free because we have removed prayer, so if Democrats remove “God” from their platform, then their principles become, by definition, godless.

Like it or not, God has always been the foundation of this country, and the Democratic Party is chipping away at that foundation. If they destroy our foundation, we’ll lose the nation that foundation once supported.


Las Vegas



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