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Officers from the anti-narcotics force, a military-backed law enforcement agency, arrested Ali Musa at the Supreme Court gates on Friday, said Musa’s lawyer, Khalid Ranjha.

Gilani’s son is accused of using his political influence in 2010 to get the ephedrine for two pharmaceutical companies. They are suspected of diverting it to people in the drug trade. Ephedrine can be used to make methamphetamines.

Musa has denied the charges.

The arrest warrant was issued in June, but Musa has been in hiding. He was supposed to appear in front of the court to see whether he could receive bail. But before he could get there, police threw him in a vehicle and sped away, the lawyer said.

The court then demanded he be released, which authorities did, and then he was granted bail.

Associated Press writer Munir Ahmed contributed to this report from Islamabad.