- - Sunday, September 16, 2012

NEW YORK — It’s been a year now since the policy known as “don’t ask, don’t tell” was repealed, enabling gay members of the U.S. military to serve openly.

The Pentagon says the repeal has gone smoothly, with no adverse effect on morale, unit cohesion, recruitment or military readiness.

Some critics persist with complaints that the repeal has infringed on service members whose religious faiths condemn homosexuality. Instances of anti-gay harassment have not ended. And activists are frustrated that gay military families don’t yet enjoy the benefits and services extended to other military families.

Yet the clear consensus is that repeal has succeeded — producing far more joy and relief than dismay and indignation. The Pentagon credits rigorous training before repeal, and tough enforcement of new standards.


AG aims to enforce union law during appeals

MADISON — Wisconsin’s attorney general said Saturday he would seek court permission to keep enforcing a state law that effectively ended collective bargaining for public employees while his office appeals a judge’s ruling striking it down.

A Dane County judge issued a ruling Friday overturning almost all of the law that has been a hallmark of Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s tenure and helped turn him into a national conservative hero.

Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, also a Republican, said in a statement that he believes the law “is constitutional in all respects” and should remain in effect while he appeals the judge’s decision.

Mr. Walker’s office also has vowed to appeal, while the public worker unions that vigorously opposed law have hailed the decision as a victory.

As has been the case since Mr. Walker proposed the law shortly after taking office in 2011, the latest developments have been highly political.


Romney cancels event because of plane crash

BURLINGTON — Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has canceled an event planned for Sunday in Pueblo, Colo., because of the crash of a small aircraft at the Pueblo airport.

Romney campaign spokesman Rick Gorka says the crash at Pueblo Memorial Airport is under investigation and the campaign did not want to interfere with the investigation or any emergency response efforts. The event was scheduled to be held at an aircraft museum near the airport.

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