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Author Nick Hornby wrote the lyrics to the title track, but he’s the only outsider to have a hand in this album. Otherwise, this is the work of three bandmates, three people who make a unique racket together, and “The Sound of the Life of the Mind” outshines everything these guys have done as solo artists.

Blue Note Records launches Spotify app

Blue Note Records, one of the longest-running jazz labels, has created a new Spotify application.

Launched last week, the app allows music fans to delve deeper into the Blue Note catalog, which dates all the way back to 1939. It also organizes the label’s entire roster into chronological order, from early jazz trail blazers such as Sidney Bechet to contemporary songwriters like Norah Jones. Every Blue Note album is available for streaming, and each comes with information on the band leaders and sidemen involved.

For those interested in more modern music, Blue Note has struck up a partnership with the website WhoSampled. Every artist who has sampled a Blue Note song, from Madonna to the Chemical Brothers to A Tribe Called Quest, is listed, drawing a line between the old-time jazz music that Blue Note promotes and the contemporary acts drawing upon that sound.