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Kelly isn’t taking the same approach with Fighting Irish fans, indicating he had been criticized before for talking about the stadium atmosphere.

“I continue to believe that if we play great football, if we do the things we did against Michigan State, then it’s going to be plenty loud enough in that stadium,” he said.

Just in case, the school this year launched what it calls its “Take a StaND” campaign, encouraging fans to stand up and make noise.

“We’re looking to give fans cues of when they can do their part and help our team succeed,” said Josh Berlo, senior assistant athletic director.

Among the steps Notre Dame has taken is cutting down on the number of announcements it makes during games, giving more time for music, from either the band or through the P.A. It’s also trimmed the number of Irish teams from other sports that are recognized at games.

Notre Dame officials also are working to make sure the band, the people playing the commercial music, the people running the message board and the public address announcer are working together to get fans cheering.

“We’re making sure we’re encouraging our fans to get loud when it makes sense,” Berlo said.

Notre Dame also is telling ushers not to try to quell cheering fans, but instead to try to mediate if other fans complain about someone being too loud.

“We want to make sure everyone knows it’s OK to stand up and make some noise,” Berlo said.