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Tilting and telescoping steering column with steering wheel controls for audio and cruise control

Ice-blue ambient lighting.

Malibu turbo LTZ models add:

LED tail lamps

Leather-appointed seats

Heated front seats

Available 19-inch aluminum wheels.

Technically advanced engine

A host of technologically advanced elements contribute to the Malibu turbo’s performance, including dual-overhead camshafts with continuously variable valve timing, direct injection and more:

Twin-scroll turbocharger that virtually eliminates turbo lag and generates maximum boost of 20 psi

Air-to-air intercooler that reduces the pressurized air charge’s temperature for optimal performance

A356T6 aluminum cylinder head cast with Rotocast process - similar to the Corvette ZR1’s heads - for greater strength and improved airflow

Sand-cast aluminum engine block that features cast-in iron liners and structural enhancements to enable higher power with reduced noise and vibration

Aluminum pistons with jet-spray cooling, which enhances performance and longevity

Modular balance shaft system in the oil pan for greater refinement

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