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Miscellaneous: ‘Cavalcade of Street Cars’

D.C. urban-planning enthusiasts continue to dream of streetcars to H Street Northeast, no matter how inconvenient, expensive or hopeless the project may be. While the District likely won’t have trolleys anytime soon, Silver Spring’s National Capital Trolley Museum has tons of them. On Sunday, the best models will be arranged in a “Calvacade of Streetcars.” Visitors will be able to ride the best European trams and classic American streetcars to their heart’s content — they just won’t be able to ride them back to D.C.

Sunday at the National Capital Trolley Museum, 1313 Bonifant Road, Silver Spring, Md.

Phone: 301/384-6088


Exhibit: ‘Blood and Ink: Front Pages From the Civil War’

With the 150th anniversary of the Civil War in full swing, the Newseum is providing an opportunity to relive America’s most important war, one seminal news report at a time. Front pages from newspapers on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line allow visitors to see firsthand contemporary reactions to “the election of Abraham Lincoln; the opening shots of the war at Fort Sumter, S.C.; the Battle of Gettysburg; the fall of Atlanta; the South’s surrender; and Lincoln’s assassination.”

At the Newseum, 555 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Phone: 888/639-7386