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In the comfortable back seat, occupants find an ashtray conveniently located in each armrest.

Even though the speedometer can register speeds up to 100 mph, Mrs. Cawelti says she has never gone above 55. ‘I don’t want to make it unhappy,’ she says, patting a fender.

It takes 15 quarts of coolant, six quarts of oil and 18 gallons of gas to keep the engine running. Three sets of 26 small louvers on each side of the engine hood help heat escape.

Now that good weather is here, Mrs. Cawelti plans to make appearances at various antique car shows while striving to maintain the car in its original state as much as possible. ‘That’s my plan,’ she says.

In the meantime she thoroughly enjoys dressing in period clothing whenever she goes for a cruise, explaining that the car seems to run better when she is dressed appropriately.

When questioned about the Packard being an unusual car for a young lady, she simply responds, ‘I’m a government girl and can’t afford a newer car.’