- The Washington Times - Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sen. Jeff Sessions, delivering the GOP’s weekly address, blasted Senate Democrats for leaving Washington without passing a federal budget.

“The American people see the financial chaos. They know it must stop,” the Alabama Republican said. “Adding to the chaos, the Senate Democrat Majority has decided to adjourn through November having utterly failed to meet its most basic obligations. For the last three years, in a time of national crisis, Senate Democrats have deliberately violated the legal requirement to produce a budget plan.”

Mr. Sessions, the Senate Budget Committee’s ranking Republican, said the Democrats’ inaction creates uncertainty among taxpayers and businesses.

“How can they ask the American people to send them one more dime in new taxes when they won’t even meet their legal duty to write a financial plan and tell how that money will be spent?” Mr. Sessions said.

The longtime senator urged voters concerned about government spending to support Republican candidates.

“Given the chance, Republicans will get this government under control,” he said. “We believe in growing the economy, not the bureaucracy.”



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