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It ended up being the mulligan of the Chase for Stewart, who qualified 28th and finished two laps down in 25th. Stewart won three more races during the Chase to win the championship, so that poor run at Dover didn’t hurt him.

Grubb has been working with Hamlin for weeks on finding a setup that will make the driver comfortable. He chose to bring to Dover the same car Hamlin drove at Richmond, where he led for 202 laps.

It’s made something click with Hamlin, who sounds a little more confident about his chances. He’s now recalling the four top-10s he has at Dover, and the pair of fourth-place finishes.

“I have had some races where I was pretty competitive,” he said, adding if Grubb can find one thing that makes the driver comfortable in the car “we are going to treat it just like any other weekend that we have a great shot to win.”

He doesn’t have to win to make this coming weekend a success. Hamlin just has to go to Dover with the right mindset so that he doesn’t throw it away before he’s even hit the track. Grubb indicated Monday that’s the goal with a tweet that seemingly poked fun at Hamlin’s “we will win” Twitter post last week about New Hampshire.

“Next week (at)Dover, WE WILL…. try as hard as we can like every other week,” he wrote.