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“If she’s fudging her qualifications as being an expert, then how can you trust her analysis of the drugs?” Abelow said.

State police have not said exactly what Dookhan allegedly did wrong at the lab.

But Max Stern, president of the Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, said he was told in a meeting with Gov. Deval Patrick and other administration officials that Dookhan is accused of deliberately tampering with some drug samples, including the weight of the samples, which can affect the length of prison sentences given to people convicted of drug offenses.

Attorney General Martha Coakley is conducting a criminal investigation. Dookhan has not been charged.

Investigators have not described Dookhan’s possible motive for mishandling drug samples.

It is also unclear why she would fabricate having a master’s degree.

Associated Press writer Rodrique Ngowi contributed to this report.