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Workers on Tuesday met with mine management, and said they now demand a monthly take home pay of $1,560. Strike leader Gaddafi Mdoda said that the company will have seven days to respond, and the strikes will continue.

Amplats called the strikes illegal in a statement released Wednesday, and threatened disciplinary action for employees who “persist in unlawful strike action” on Thursday.


Britain urged to probe Trafigura scandal

ABIDJAN — The British government is being urged by Amnesty International and Greenpeace to investigate possible criminal charges against the multinational company Trafigura over the dumping of toxic waste in Ivory Coast that is blamed for several deaths and sickening thousands.

In Ivory Coast, the 2006 waste disposal in Abidjan has come to represent the arrogance of the Western world toward the African continent.

A three-year investigation by Amnesty International and Greenpeace published Tuesday points to “clear evidence that at least part of the decision-making process on export of the waste from Europe and delivery to Abidjan emanated from London,” making U.K. prosecutions feasible.

The report calls for the United Kingdom to undertake criminal investigations against Trafigura Beheer BV, a Dutch multinational commodity trading company.

It also urges Ivory Coast to review a 2007 decision that gave Trafigura immunity from prosecution on Ivorian soil, and to probe how compensation from an out-of-court settlement in the U.K. was allowed to be misappropriated.

Britain’s government responded Tuesday, saying it would be inappropriate for the U.K. to launch an investigation because the vessel involved was not registered in the U.K. and the waste wasn’t loaded in or originating from the U.K.


Poaching of baby gorillas raises fears for species

KINSHASA — The plight of two infant gorillas, rescued after being kidnapped from their wild families, highlights the dangers confronting the endangered Grauer’s gorillas that have become victims of ongoing violence and a new rebellion in eastern Congo.

A decision to allow oil exploration in a national park there may put the gorillas at greater risk.

Virunga National Park said Monday that wildlife authorities rescued the two baby gorillas this month.

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