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Virginians beat D.C. and Maryland students in reading (510) and math (512). Marylanders were perched between the two jurisdictions with 497 in reading and 502 in math.

And know this, too. In 2008, the national reading, writing and math average scores in pubic schools were 496, 487 and 508, respectively. In 2012, they were 491, 481 and 505.

So our college-bound students are not better off today than they were four years ago.

Since four years ago, when the majority of American voters selected Team Obama-Biden, classroom use of calculators at least kept SAT math scores flat. Unfettered access to electronic encyclopedic information, spell check, various social media and obviously ill-educated teachers continue to dumb down the whole lot of young Americans.

A bit of good news is in order, though.

More than 1.6 million graduates took the SAT, more than ever before. But even that positive is overshadowed by our children seemingly becoming dumb, obsessed as they are with operating smartphones, Facebooking, tweeting and emailing.

Gray matter is the new couch potato.

The College Board results prove the ability to proficiently read, write and calculate must remain the building blocks of our education system.

I certainly hope you are not ROTFL, because that’s precisely what the wait-and-see crowds want you to do for the next five years.

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