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“I love the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg, but they seem out of place in the summer,” Ms. Munn said. “Cinnamon sticks tied with ribbon or pine cones soaked in extract and discreetly displayed or candles placed in strategic places help to bring you into the holiday spirit.”

Ms. Willis said she uses jasmine and vanilla incense sticks in spring and summer, and then brings out candles for fall and winter with scents such as pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon and evergreen.

One of the most common methods of switching a home’s seasonal feel is through the use of colors and textures in fabric. Although having your sofa reupholstered on a seasonal basis is impractical, you can change pillow covers and throws more easily.

“If your sofa is beige, a fiery orange or beautiful brown throw will add color and is ready to snuggle up in,” Ms. Schlegel said. “We’re seeing a lot of plums and deep teals with warm grays in the market this fall. Change the covers on your pillows to move from summer light hues to the golden amber colors of fall. You don’t need to buy inserts. Just reuse the old ones, saving space and money. Think about adding texture like in a Mongolian lamb pillow cover. Also consider richer fabrics like velvets or knits. Any color in velvet looks much richer than when it is in linen.”

Besides shifting fabric colors in your living areas, Ms. Carley said, you also should switch duvet covers, comforters and blankets in the bedroom seasonally.

“Change up your color palette,” Ms. Willis suggested. “In the spring and summer, opt for pastels and hues with bright undertones. Think yellow, pinks, lavender, china blue and brighter greens. In the fall and winter, switch these out for more muted and subdued hues like oranges, reds, plum, burgundy, chocolates and gold. If you want to take it a step further, go for a floral or prints in the spring and summer and tweeds and plaids for the fall and winter.”

Ms. Huff recommended switching the white shades on a chandelier to a fall color.

“This small change will draw the new fall colors up to the ceiling and will change the light in the room, softening it for cooler weather,” she said.

Ms. Bonness said fall may be a good time to swap energy-efficient CFL bulbs for incandescent bulbs.

“In the cooler months, we tend to adapt to dimmer lighting, but we crave glowingly warm light,” she said. “Incandescent bulbs give a warmer feel to your space and head off any negative effects of the darkening days. It’s not particularly energy-efficient, but you can’t deny it ‘feels’ better. Try to cut back on energy use in other ways.”

Most of these seasonal suggestions are relatively inexpensive, but Ms. Carly offered a suggestion that is completely free.

“If possible, rearrange the furnishings in your home,” she said. “In the warmer months, I sometimes move my living room furniture away from the fireplace, which creates a more open feeling. During the cooler months, I move it toward the fireplace to create a cozier feel.”