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“We can get real kicker-specific or I could just tell you that I didn’t choke,” Cundiff said.

As teammates mobbed Cundiff in celebration, he seemed more relieved than anything else. Griffin called it a “good confidence kick” for Cundiff.

“He’s the real deal. But sometimes you have rough games,” Snow said. “To show the professionalism for him to pull out of it and hit a game-winner and just kind of put all that from the first [three misses] aside, it just shows great character and great integrity.”

And, in the long term, it should build more trust within the Redskins‘ locker room for Cundiff, in spite of his earlier misses.

“I get very few chances, but I’ve got to take advantage of the situation and the chances I do get,” Cundiff said. “I’ve got to make sure that if it comes down to the very end like it did, I’ve got to capitalize on it, make sure these guys know they can trust me, especially when it counts.”