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This week, they were joined by a group of veterans and military families who have stepped up to speak out in support of the “Vote No” movement. They are calling their group Veterans United and are speaking at events around the state and in broadcast ads.

“They see this as so sad to see people who are laying their life on the line for their country, but who come home and don’t have the same simple freedoms they are protecting for everyone else,” Mrs. Brickman said.

Other outspoken opponents of the amendment include radio star Garrison Keillor of “A Prairie Home Companion,” who is auctioning off a coffee date to raise money for the cause. The “Lake Woebegon” creator will also record for the winner a voice mail message.

“I didn’t like the tone or the feeling of the constitutional amendment. It seemed punitive. It seemed unnecessary,” Mr. Keillor said in an interview with KTSP News. “Love trumps government, and government should not stand in the way of people who love each other.”

Six states and the District of Columbia allow gay couples to marry. Mr. Jacobs says while defeating the amendment won’t help gay Minnesota couples to tie the knot, it is “designed to tie the hands of future legislatures and judges.”