- - Tuesday, September 4, 2012


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — President Obama has gone full celebrity on us. He cannot run on the actual record of his first term, so he reaches back for that old magic from four years ago that helped him cross over from politician to full-blown icon.

No longer does he grant interviews to the regular political media — as if they were tough on him to begin with. Instead, he goes for puff pieces with celebrity grocery aisle magazines.

This, apparently, is because Mr. Obama is a racist. That, according to many Democrats who lashed out at “racist” Republicans four years ago who ridiculed the president for his celebrity status.

Remember the ad in which Mr. Obama was compared to Paris Hilton?

“Deliberately and deceptively racist,” swore liberal radio host Bill Press.

The New York Times reported that, with the ad, Republicans had injected race into the campaign. By the way, it probably should be noted for anyone left on the planet who does not already know this, Paris Hilton is white. Every square inch of her body is white, as has been widely established all across the World Wide Web.

Even Mr. Obama himself suggested that Republicans were dragging race into the campaign by discussing his celebrity status.

Well, now the president has joined up with all the racists to promote his celebrity status. I guess having to explain how you blew $5.4 trillion in less than four years would make a guy do just about anything.

He made history by being the first president to sit for an interview with Glamour magazine. He does countless interviews with local radio stations — after agreeing on the topics of the interview.

“I just flirted with the president of the United States of America,” squealed one interviewer after grilling Mr. Obama on, among other similarly hard-hitting topics, his favorite color.

Even the first lady has crossed over to the dark side of racism by capitalizing on all the celebrity.

On Tuesday, she phoned into radio personality Ryan Seacrest and talked about how long it takes to get her makeup on and do her hair in the morning.

That’s it! FOUR MORE YEARS!!!

Then she talked all about her daughters’ first day of school and how she gave them a pep talk.

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