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Brown waits

Corey Brown is back with the Nationals as a September call-up, but the outfielder will likely have to bide his time to get any chance to play. Washington has Roger Bernadina and Tyler Moore as extra outfielders already, so it might be hard for Brown to crack the lineup.

“Well, nobody’s hurt,” Johnson said. “I’ll probably think of something. But he’s a little bit behind Bernie in the pecking order. I might be able to get him an at-bat here and there, bring him in for defense.”

The 27-year-old hit .285 with 25 homers for Syracuse, playing every day. Now, he waits.

“I think for anyone it might be a little tough at first just trying to get used to another role. But knowing that this is going to be my role this year, and who knows how long, obviously I’m definitely going to accept it and just try to make the best of it,” Brown said. “If I get up for a pinch hit [or] for defense just try to go out there play as hard as I can and help the team out.”