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“Such actions are crucial for Tripoli to demonstrate that Libya is in a new era marked by the rule of law,” said Geraldine Mattioli-Zeltner, international justice advocacy director at Human Rights Watch.

Seif al-Islam, who is in the custody of an independent militia in the western Libyan city of Zintan, has been held for more than a year without being charged. He has said that if he were executed after a trial in Libya it would be tantamount to murder.

“I am not afraid to die, but if you execute me after such a trial you should just call it murder and be done with it,” Mr. Gadhafi was quoted by lawyers as saying, according to documents submitted to the International Criminal Court.

In June, an ICC team was detained for more than three weeks after meeting Mr. Gadhafi. A Libyan official, who pretended to be an illiterate guard, had stopped an ICC lawyer from taking a statement from Mr. Gadhafi.

Mr. Gadhafi’s father was killed in the custody of rebel militias in his hometown of Sirte on Oct. 20.