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It’s interesting to note, too, that Marino didn’t start until Week 6, and Roethlisberger didn’t take over until Week 3. So that means no 22-year-old rookie quarterback in the last half century has started every game for a playoff club (which, of course, is what the Redskins are hoping RG3 can do).

So you can see the odds the kid is bucking. Granted, he’s not quarterbacking a team that went 2-14 or 1-15 last year. (The Redskins traded up to draft him after finishing 5-11.) But he’s running an offense that has three new or virtually new wideouts (Pierre Garcon, Josh Morgan and Leonard Hankerson), no clear-cut No. 1 running back and a line that’s had injury issues — and, in any case, wouldn’t put anybody in mind of the Hogs.

Still, Griffin is “looking forward to seeing how some of the stuff we do works out,” he said Wednesday — the stuff, that is, the Redskins have kept under wraps in the preseason. He’s also “trying not to think too much,” trying to approach his first real NFL game the way he would any other first game. That means focusing almost as much on “music selection” (what he calms himself with in the locker room) as play selection.

We’ve seen RG3 throw. We’ve seen him run. We’ve seen him think on his feet. We haven’t seen as much of him as we might have liked in this preseason, but we’ve seen enough to know he’s got what it takes to be successful at the next level. It’s just that — one last time — there’s only so much a 22-year-old rookie quarterback can do.