- - Wednesday, April 10, 2013


A 5 percent pay cut for President Obama is but a mere drop in the bucket and no solution to our nation’s distress (“Obama sequesters own salary, plans to give back 5 percent of pay,” Web, April 3). A cut of at least 25 percent would be more appropriate.

It’s time for top government officials to feel the same pinch and make daily concessions as ordinary folks. After all, it is their decisions that caused the sequestration. The war in Afghanistan is draining our nation monetarily, and if our troops were out we might have an easier time balancing the budget. In the meantime, though, our nation recently pledged $60 million in aid to the Syrian rebels, plus another $200 million to Jordan to aid with Syrian refugees. If such money is abundant, why aren’t Americans first in line?

Look at all the homelessness in our nation, with folks eating out of garbage cans. On second thought, I propose a 50 percent cut in Mr. Obama’s salary. Even though $200,000 won’t solve our nation’s woes, it’s the principle.

Clearwater, Fla.


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