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He was joined Sunday by his coach, Paul Marchand. The normal routine for a coach is to watch some shots on the range of the golfer, then head off outside the ropes like a patron to watch the player.

“I was surprised how many guys were playing Sunday,” Couples said. “This time (Paul and I) walked stride for stride. Sometimes when you take it on the range it’s easy to hit 50 balls well, one after another. Then you go out and spray it all over the place. I found a little confidence.”

A couple of days later, Couples and Marchand decided the strategy would be to swing as hard as he could while driving.

“So that’s what I’ve been doing,” Couples said.

Couples said his experience – Friday was his 110th competitive round at Augusta National – will certainly help the next two days. He said that if he wins, he will pretty much quit competitive golf.

“I am really excited where I’m at (after two rounds),” Couples said. “I’ve said it my whole life. This is my favorite spot in the world. But yeah, I would quit. I’m going to quit when I win this thing.”

To his many fans, Couples can quit golf, but he will never quit being cool.