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He said he wants to continue fine-tuning his mechanics to improve this season. He worked with Whitfield last summer, but said this time will be different.

“It’s more serious this time around,” he said. “It’s almost personal with all the stuff that’s kind of being tossed around about my arm strength and this and that. It’s getting kind of personal to me and so we’re going to get after it.”

He waved his hand dismissively when asked if he’s worried about a sophomore slump or Heisman hangover this year. Manziel threw for more than 3,700 yards and added more than 1,400 yards on the ground last year to win the award.

He said Whitfield told him before the Alabama game last season to be a dragon slayer. This season he has a new dragon on the horizon.

“Now there’s a big dragon out there for us with all the people who are doubting A&M, all the people who are doubting me that last year was a fluke,” Manziel said. “So that’s a chip on my shoulder and that’s a dragon I need to slay this year.”

Williams had seven carries for 59 yards and a touchdown. Trey Williams added seven carries for 67 yards and another score. LeKendrick Williams had seven receptions for 105 yards.

Manziel raved about Brandon Williams and A&M’s depth at running back.

“He’s impressive,” Manziel said of Brandon Williams. “He works hard and he’s one of my favorite people on the entire team. You have Ben (Malena) who is a workhorse, and then you’ve got Trey Williams who is just a freak of an athlete and Tra Carson. They all run different packages and they’re all competing with each other to see who’s on the field more. It’s rare to see that.”