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Study: Limiting soda size causes people to buy more

A recent study by a group of researchers at the University of California at San Diego may blow a hole right through New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s theory on soda contributing to obesity.

Bulls-eye: Colorado 2nd Amendment supporters dare gun control crowd to post sign at homes, offices

DENVER — The Pueblo County Republican Party is offering firearms foes an opportunity to advertise their gun-free status for all to see.

The party is selling “Gun Free Zone” signs suitable for display outside of homes and offices for $10 each. The party is also offering signs to gun rights advocates that read, “Not a Gun Free Zone.”

Sobering budget: Obama calls for tax hikes on vodka, golf and cigarettes

President Obama’s budget doesn’t just go after wealthy Americans. It’s also got new taxes on vodka, cigarettes and other unexpected items, ABC News reported.

The fiscal 2014 spending plan, which looks to raise about $1.8 trillion in new revenue, also tackles golf courses, which can no longer be counted as partial tax write-offs, according to ABC.

Jay-Z raps: White House cleared Cuba trip with Beyonce

Although the White House said it wasn’t involved, rapper Jay-Z boasts in a new song Thursday that he got “White House clearance” for his recent trip to Cuba with wife Beyonce.

Kerry scolds North Korea, shoots down reports of nuclear breakthrough

SEOUL — Secretary of State John F. Kerry strongly admonished North Korea on Friday for threatening to attack U.S. allies and interests, but also downplayed reports that Pyongyang has developed a nuclear weapon small enough to fit on the head of a ballistic missile.