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“So why are we going after these people who are going about this legally?” the Baltimore County resident asked.

By early afternoon, the hall was still crowded with people gathered around tables loaded down with scopes, sleek pistols, antique rifles, boxes of ammunition and paper targets.

Wandering the aisles, Pat Curran, 65, a defense contractor from Annapolis, said outrage at gun control laws was not about an infringement on the Second Amendment, but about “whittling away amendments.”

“Why not enforce the laws you’ve already got?” he said. “Start enforcing before you start legislating.”

Delegate Neil Parrott, Washington Republican, has initiated the groundwork for putting the firearms act to referendum and is expected to announce an effort Wednesday. A successful petition drive would postpone the act’s effective date from October 2013 until voters decided whether or not to uphold the law in the November 2014 elections.

“This is a start,” Mr. Curran said. “They are waking a sleeping giant.”