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In March, the Mansion’s former chef, Todd Schneider, was indicted in Richmond on four felony counts of embezzlement arising from his time as the governor’s official cook. Mr. Schneider’s attorney, Steve Benjamin of Richmond, said then that Mr. Schneider has provided information to authorities since the investigation began in March 2012 and is still doing so.

Mr. Schneider, hired as chef shortly after Mr. McDonnell was inaugurated in January 2010, resigned at the onset of the Virginia State Police investigation. Richmond Circuit Court records do not detail Mr. Schneider’s alleged activities.

In the past two weeks, The Post reported that a benefactor picked up $15,000 worth of expenses for a June 2011 Executive Mansion wedding reception for Mr. McDonnell’s daughter, Cailin. Part of the expense was for the catering, done by Mr. Schneider. The money was given to Cailin McDonnell, not the governor.

The benefactor: Star Scientific’s Jonnie Williams. The Post also reported that three days before her daughter’s wedding, first lady Maureen McDonnell traveled to Florida and spoke at a seminar for investors and scientists interested in a key chemical in Star Scientific’s dietary supplement known as Anatabloc. There is no evidence that she was compensated for the trip.

None of the gifts or payments appeared on Mr. McDonnell’s January 2012 statement of economic interests, a report state officeholders are required to file each January disclosing their assets, income, gifts, business associations and such. The governor noted that he’s not obliged to disclose them under current state law, which requires only that gifts worth $50 or more given directly to a public official be reported, not gifts to members of the official’s family.

Here’s where it all ties together: Mr. Cuccinelli’s office obtained and is prosecuting the indictments against Mr. Schneider that arose from a state police investigation that remains very alive. At the heart of that criminal probe is a defendant known to be providing investigators information and who catered an important first family celebration underwritten in large part by a mutual friend of and contributor to the governor and Mr. Cuccinelli.