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Now that we’ve actually seen it, the notion that we should do whatever it takes to secure major events has been hammered home.

An event like the Boston Marathon is a vastly different security situation than a game at FedEx Field, Nationals Park or Verizon Center. So open, so accessible.

But you can bet security officials from all the sports leagues with more controllable venues are once again turning over every possible disaster in their heads as they prepare for the next time the turnstiles open. And you can only imagine the meetings the organizers of the London Marathon, set for this Sunday, must be having right now.

Obviously there’s only so much that can be done to ensure safety. We know the professionals will do everything they can fathom to keep all of us safe, but who wouldn’t think twice about bringing his family out to the ballpark in the immediate aftermath of something like this?

As was the case when we began boarding planes again after 9/11, though, we’ll just have to have faith and walk back through those Nats Park turnstiles, cheer on those Marine Corps Marathon runners along the Mall, join the party in the infield at Pimlico.

But we’ll be a bit more wary, perhaps not quite as carefree, weighted with the knowledge that added vigilance is now required in still one more arena of our lives.