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Knox is “even littler in person. I couldn’t believe how small he was, I forgot how fast they grow. It was awesome to get to hold him.”

Hillen got back about 10 Monday night, got a good night’s sleep and resumed life as a professional hockey player. With another goal, of course. In addition to the three goals since Knox was born, Hillen has three assists. Pre-birth, Hillen had one assist.

“He’s come back with a clear mind now that his child is born,” Brouwer said. “And he’s playing great hockey.”

Because of their 2-8-1 start, the Caps haven’t secured a playoff spot yet even with the win streak that is the longest current one in the league. But barring a massive collapse, they will make the playoffs. How far they’ll get there will depend on a variety of factors, including luck.

One of those factors? Strong play from the entire roster, like what’s been present during this current streak.

“It’s been great that everybody has a chance to chip in,” Caps coach Adam Oates said. “You like to see guys get rewarded.

“I try and make them not focus on stats. Because it’s hard in this league to score and we count on you for more than just that. But it is a little bit human nature and to see the defensemen, and Jack has had a great month for us and has been playing great. You don’t expect a lot of offense, but his skating ability and then he chips in for a goal. Every little thing adds up.”