Puzzled ‘Today Show’ hosts on Reagan’s popularity: He must be a liberal

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If Ronald Reagan were alive today, he would be the most loved liberal candidate for White House. That’s according to three mainstream media hosts, who tried to make sense of poll numbers that showed three-of-four respondents thought the nation was better off in the 1980s than now — and that 58 percent would vote for the Gipper over President Obama, the Washington Examiner reported.

A recent Today Show talk went like this, the Washington Examiner reported:

Co-host Willie Geist: “Three in four Americans today thought our country was better off in the ‘80s than it is now. Three in four. … If a presidential election were held today, according to this survey, 58 percent would vote for Ronald Reagan over President Barack Obama.”

Weatherman Al Roker responded, the Washington Examiner reported: “But the interesting thing is a lot of people probably — I mean, Ronald Reagan probably would be seen almost liberally today as opposed to being conservative.”

Co-host Natalie Morales weighed in, the Washington Examiner reported: “Totally.”

And again from Mr. Roker: “I mean, he did a lot of great things. But, I mean, things have shifted.”

And once more from Mr. Geist: “Relative to what you see now, absolutely.”

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