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When Monfort showed up in the morning, he had his reservations. But team employees kept showing up on the field to offer their help. The Rockies even borrowed shovels from the Denver Broncos, giving them 75 to share.

“For a while there, you had to hold onto your shovel or you lost your shovel and then you don’t have a shovel,” Monfort said. “Then you were no good anymore. That’s what basically ended up happening to me. That and the fact I was running out of gas.”

Not to mention getting sore.

“But not as sore as I’m going to be, I’m sure,” Monfort said.

The team didn’t clear out the upper deck of the stadium, allowing fans to roam down into the lower levels. There were just a smattering of fans in attendance for the day game, many bundled up in gear usually seen in the mountains.

The infield wasn’t wet at all _ the tarp kept it dry overnight _ but the outfield was soggy and the warning track slippery.

“Probably no different than if you play in a game and it rains on and off,” Monfort explained. “Our field drains well.”

Jonathan Herrera wore a ski mask to keep warm in the field, while starters Dillon Gee and Juan Nicasio blew on their hands in between pitches.

Justin Turner had a plan to stay warm _ keep near the heaters in the dugout. Being from Long Beach, Calif., he’s not used to this weather.

Although, he has the shaggy beard for it.

“I intentionally didn’t shave all spring training because I knew this first road trip was going to be pretty cold,” Turner said, laughing. “I don’t mind the cold. I just don’t like playing baseball in it.”

He still painfully remembers playing in the snow during a Single-A game in 2007.

“I got hit in the elbow and felt like it was shattered into a million pieces,” Turner said. “You just layer up and use hot packs, put them in your back pocket. The worst part is coming in and sitting in the dugout where the heaters are and then having to go back out where it’s freezing. You’ve just got to keep moving.”

The weather on Wednesday could be worse, with more snow expected.

Not that the starter that day, Jon Garland, minds too much.

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