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One place that is off-limits to pot smokers: the University of Colorado at Boulder, the hub of 420 activity in Colorado until 2012, when campus officials decided to nip the party in the bud in order to fight the school’s image as a chronic haven.

In previous years, as many as 12,000 people would gather on the campus green for unauthorized extracurricular activities. Not this year.

“We are committed to ending the unwelcome 4/20 gather on the CU-Boulder campus, and this year’s approach represents the continuance of a multi-year plan to achieve that end,” Chancellor Philip DiStefano said in a statement. “This isn’t about marijuana or drug laws. It’s about not disrupting the important work of a world-class university.”

At the same time, the university issued a statement saying it would not spread fish fertilizer on Norlin Quad in an effort to discourage impromptu pot smokers, as it did last year.

Not a big deal, said Mr. Corry, who filed an unsuccessful legal challenge against last year’s crackdown, given all the other weekend events.

“It’s a Saturday, so I’m not sure people are going to be there anyway,” said Mr. Corry. “CU’s event is always interesting and fun, but it’s probably over for the near future.”