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U.S. officials with access to intelligence reports dismissed reports that China suspended crude oil shipments to North Korea in February.

The oil pipeline from Dandong, China, to North Korea was not disrupted, and the pipeline continues to transfer oil that amounts to 500,000 tons annually, they said.

The officials added that North Korean officials were seen at an oil-measuring station in Dandong. The North Koreans visit the facility monthly to check on planned oil deliveries.

Reports from China also indicated that oil trucks travel daily to North Korea from Dandong.

Also, no travel agencies or Chinese news outlets in Dandong reported any disruptions of tour groups visiting North Korea.

Reuters reported March 21 that China did not export any crude oil to North Korea in February the first time there was such a cutoff since 2012.

The report, based on customs data obtained in Beijing, said the temporary cutoff might have been a sign of China’s displeasure over North Korea’s missile and nuclear tests.

China provides an estimated 30,000 to 50,000 tons of crude oil to North Korea every month as part of an aid program.