SIMMONS: A doctor with a perverted view of life and death

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There were other sickening affairs at the “house of horrors.”

According to the testimony of a young woman named Ashley Baldwin, Dr. Gosnell hired her when she was only 15, and she went from merely answering telephones to performing ultrasounds, administering intravenous medicine and assisting Dr. Gosnell in abortions.

In her testimony, she told of several babies breathing and moving following abortions, and of a late-term aborted baby “screeching” afterward.

She also testified that Dr. Gosnell joked that one baby was big enough “to walk me home.”There never has been any humorous aspects to abortion, whether you stand with the pro-lifers, pro-choicers or stand in the I-do-not-care dead zone.

For sure, Dr. Gosnell is a very, very perverted view of life and death, and he probably should have had his license yanked and his clinic closed a very time ago.

That he had a separate abortion rooms for white and blacks speaks to those pre-pre-Roe v. Wade days, when all manner of “accommodations” were separate but not equal and in Dr. Gosnell’s case because “that’s the way of the world,” as he put it, the facilities he used for white women were less squalid.

This guy is sick, really sick.

But he and his staff shouldn’t be the only ones being held accountable.

The state bureaucracy turned a blind eye, and if the state of Pennsylvania — including administration of Gov. Ed Rendell, who earlier served as mayor of Philadelphia — are allowed to get away with murder, then other states are going to find excuses — sequestration, budget cuts, etc. — to look the other way.

Fortunately, there is no statute of limitation on murder.

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