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In an emotional plea, Francine Wheeler, the mother of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victim Ben Wheeler, asked for “common sense” at the president’s weekly White House address (“Conn. mom pleads for gun control at White House,” Web, April 13). But the actions Mrs. Wheeler was advocating and politicians’ emotional calls to “get assault weapons off the streets” would do nothing to prevent a repeat of the tragedy of Sandy Hook.

Is that “common sense”? No. Common sense means including records of severe mental problems in background checks and providing armed security for our children instead of feel-good “Gun-Free Zone” signs, which are an open invitation to mentally deranged people or criminals to prey on defenseless children.

According to officials, after Adam Lanza broke through the Sandy Hook door, school psychologist Mary Sherlach and Principal Dawn Hochsprung died while lunging at the gunman. If one of them had had a gun and was properly trained to use it, the tragedy may never have happened.

The children of President Obama go to school protected by armed security guards, as well they should. The Hollywood elite crowd, among the loudest voices demanding more gun laws, are protected by armed security personnel. As someone who has five great-grandchildren, I want them to have the protection that the children at Sandy Hook did not have.


Camp Hill, Pa.

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