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“He’s unreal, I can tell you that,” said outfielder Bryce Harper, who also faced Harvey in Double-A in 2011. “He was absolutely wicked [in the minors]. He had really good stuff all the time. The things he throws, 95-98 mph four-seamer, the hammer he has, he throws really well. He’s special.”

Harper brings his own hype to the equation, of course, hitting .364 heading into Friday’s matchup and coming off a game in which he battled illness to go 4 for 5. He was 0 for 3 against Harvey in 2012 and he readily acknowledges that Harvey “carved me” in the minors.

The matchup of the two pitchers, however, emoted little more than a shrug from the 20-year-old.

“Not really,” he said, asked if it brought an extra level of adrenaline to the equation for hitters. “You just try to have good at-bats and try to make him throw a lot of pitches so you don’t have to face him for six, seven, eight innings. Get inside that bullpen. Harvey’s a guy that, if he gets comfortable and he’s throwing well, you don’t want that.”

Sounds like something opposing hitters have said about Strasburg on many an occasion.

“We’re both young guys,” Harvey told ESPN New York, sounding perhaps more familiar than he realized.

“But I don’t necessarily want to be like anybody else who I’m pitching against. I want to be an individual.”