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The Boston-New York rivalry is one of the fiercest in sports, and the teams had their heated moment in the first meeting this season, when Anthony was suspended a game by the NBA for following Garnett to the Celtics‘ team bus to confront him after they exchanged words during the game.

Pierce loves to hit big shots in New York and taunt the crowd after. The Celtics don’t expect anything to change Saturday, no matter how much support their city is getting.

“You know, I played here. I know how crazy, the mindset of a New Yorker,” said Rivers, a former Knicks player who heard `Hey Doc, we love Boston’ at the team hotel.

“But I know what they mean,” he said. “They mean the city. They ain’t meaning the Celtics.”

Garnett expects only one type of reception at Madison Square Garden, no matter what’s happening back home.

“Terrible,” he said. “We’re on the road, period. Playoff time, on the road, Boston-New York.”

The Knicks will also host Game 2 on Tuesday night before the Celtics get to play in front of the home fans next Friday night.


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