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Scott believes part of Rush’s actions might, at least in part, be the reason information was leaked to cast Rush in an unflattering light.

“We asked him to go in and make some aggressive and dramatic improvements. He absolutely ruffled some feathers,” Scott said. “I saw some people consider him a bully and other language like that. Some of that doesn’t surprise me. He’s been very aggressive in seeking improvement for the program and he has made some personnel changes that some people haven’t liked.”

At the same time, Scott recognizes that even though he doesn’t believe an ethical code was breached, that the league has to make strides to show fans, coaches and players that the officiating is held to a high standard.

“Perception is a problem. Perception can become reality, and there’s a lot of sensitivity around officiating,” Scott said. “And you need to be beyond the pale of approach. We realize this is important. In terms of the future, this is absolutely something we need to assess.”


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