Penske says team was “working in a gray area”

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But Cindric felt the length of probation levied against the Penske team members _ they are on probation until the end of the year _ was at least double what any other team had received.

“One of the big things, the concern is, is that the penalties are very stiff. They were stiff,” Penske said before finding a way to joke about the situation, “They went so deep, now my wife will have to call the races for the 2 car. Or I can bring the guys to the Indianapolis 500 and me and Cindric and my wife can get up on the stands in NASCAR.”

Because history indicates the appeal will not likely go Penske’s way, he suggested the team is buying time to restructure personnel before the suspensions begin. Cindric stressed the organization will work hard to not disrupt its Nationwide Series programs to find replacements for the Cup teams.

“We have to appeal in order to get all your facts straight and have some time,” Penske said. “We’ll wait and see what the final verdict is, but in the meantime it’s business as usual. This is a speed bump, one I don’t like to have, but on the other hand, if we don’t like the way they officiate, we don’t have to run. Bill France told me that a long time ago.

“In my world, we take the penalty, we appeal it to the best of our ability, we take whatever those results are and move on.”

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