Heat, Bucks both look to fix issues before Game 2

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There were some encouraging signs for the Bucks on Monday.

Center Larry Sanders, who has battled back pain in recent weeks and was marred by foul trouble that kept him from finding anything close to a rhythm in Game 1, said he felt as good Monday _ 80 percent right was his estimation _ as he has in a while. And Boylan said Ersan Ilyasova, who has dealt with a wrist problem, shouldn’t still be adversely affected by that issue.

“For us, I don’t think we look at it as it’s a seven-game series and we’ve got to win four out of seven,” Bucks forward Mike Dunleavy said. “We’ve got to win one game. When we win one game, then we’ll say, `Hey, we’ve got to win another one game.’ To look at it as a whole and say we’ve got to beat these guys four times out of seven when they haven’t lost four times out of 50, it’s monumental.”

That team that Dunleavy said hasn’t lost four times out of 50 _ actually, the Heat are 43-4 in their last 47 games _ looked at itself with very critical eyes on Monday.

The videotape session that Spoelstra arranged for the Heat at the start of practice Monday lasted an hour, and the clips were not ones the team particularly enjoyed seeing. A night loaded with mistakes were on display in high-definition. Some, including Dwyane Wade, said the scene had a day-after-a-loss feel.

And remember, it was actually after a 23-point win.

“That’s one thing Coach Spo does a great job of,” Wade said. “He’s always making sure that we move on and we move into the new moment. That moment has passed. That’s one thing he’s been very consistent at.”

One area where the Heat struggled in Game 1 was 3-point shooting, where they went 7 for 23. So maybe that was why James lured Allen and Chalmers into that post-practice contest.

He would yell at his shots, pleading with them to “Get up” or “Sit down.” When Chalmers or Allen would miss, James would shout “That’s what I needed.” And when he took his final attempt, the one that clinched the game, James knew he’d won when the ball was still in flight, saying “Game time” just before the shot went down.

“I’ve got to stay ready, I guess,” James said. “I’ve got to stay ready.”

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