SIMMONS: Illegal immigrant ID idea proves stupidity begins at home

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Mr. Alexander blamed Democrats and Republicans for quietly disallowing the issue of race to enter the immigration debate.

“Liberal blacks don’t even want to talk about [race],” he said, while Republicans want to give blacks “a better life” with government handouts.

So what’s the next step for Mr. Alexanderan individual-rights advocate and former reporter for WRC-TV (Channel 4)?

He’s going to keep battling, but “I’m moving back to Mobile, Ala.”

“D.C. is stuck in neutral because there’s no leadership in the black community and race dictates everything,” he said.

The old South is new again, while D.C. is stuck.

That’s a pretty good take considering the District’s don’t ask-don’t tell immigration policy and the message sent by 83 percent of voters Tuesday at the polls: Free D.C.’s budget.

When you look at the other numbers that matter, voters look as if they don’t know what they want.

Indeed, the District has more than 505,600 registered voters, but only an estimated 49,800 bothered to cast ballots.

The winner in for the at-large seat on the D.C. Council, Democrat Anita Bonds, said Wednesday morning that the city is going to be “more assertive than ever” in a fight for statehood.

There is no fight — D.C. voters defeat their own purposes with paltry voter turnouts and downright stupidity.

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