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The levels of backing range from $10 for a continually updated production diary and a digital copy of the screenplay up to $10,000 for a role with a line of dialogue.

Some have derided Kickstarter as “panhandling.” Others disputed the “Veronica Mars” enthusiasm by noting the Warner Bros. series was a corporate-owned project. Contributors pay for particular rewards, but they don’t share in the profits. Kickstarter, which declined an interview request for this story, takes a 5 percent fee of collected funds. Processing fees of 3 percent to 5 percent go to Amazon Payments or other processors.

But finding financing for independent films, never a cakewalk, has been particularly difficult in recent years as studios have cut back on riskier projects. And after years of struggling in the Hollywood system to follow up “Garden State,” Mr. Braff is eager to return to the director’s chair.

“I love it more than anything,” he says. “Making ‘Garden State’ was the most fun experience of my life.”