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225 lb. bench press: 19 reps

Arm length: 33 1/8”

Nawrocki: “Overhyped height-weight-speed prospect … could be overdrafted based on his pedigree and measurables. Graded more highly as a junior when he played on the deep end than he did as a senior closer to the line, lacking the functional strength and physicality desired in the box.”

D.J. Swearinger

School: South Carolina

H/W: 5-10, 208

40-yd dash: 4.67

225 lb. bench press: 17

Arm length: 32 3/8”

Kiper: “He plays with confidence; he’s a rough, tough kid; and then you have to have the computer numbers to justify it, and he has. When you look at him on paper and you compare his numbers at 208 pounds, he plays, I think, faster than he times, anyway. And you look at his production and his consistency, and you’ve got to think second round.”

Phillip Thomas

School: Fresno St.

H/W: 6-0, 208

40-yd dash: 4.65

225 lb. bench press: 14

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