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Some of the character powers and Super Moves worth savoring include;

* Batman can plant a bomb on the back of opponents and watches them helplessly try and react it before it explodes. He also can call in the Batmobile to run over an enemy.

Superman often glows red and can literally punch an opponent into the stratosphere.

• Our water-logged hero Aquaman can stab with his trident and actually cracks a glass barrier that lets the sea into the Atlantis arena along with a massive shark that eats his enemy.

Solomon Grundy pulls a tombstone from his chest and beats a foe with it.

Green Lantern uses his ring to construct a mallet to hit an opponent in the head, two buses to crush him and a salvo of jet fighters and missiles that crash down upon the unlucky warrior.

Additionally, it’s hard not to giggle with giddiness while watching Bane deliver a bat-breaking move on the Dark Knight or Doomsday pummeling Superman into the ground.

The small touches to detail throughout the action are priceless such as Martian Manhunter floating in the background of the JLA Watchtower, Cyborg letting loose with a “boo-yah” after an especially brutal punch and Darkseid stopping by to pound a character into submission.

Heck, developers were even smart enough to pull in the voice over talent of favorite DC Universe cartoon stars including Kevin Conroy as Batman, Tara Strong as Raven and George Newbern as Superman to make the narrative very memorable to fans of the animated shows.

All of the above clearly expose the passion NetherRealm’s brings to this colorful and volatile universe and will endear Injustice: Gods Among Us to any DC pop culture fan.

Once the solo adventure concludes, the game offers an avalanche of extra content.

My favorite is over two hundred extra missions at S.T.A.R.S. Labs of varying difficulty and execution that play out as almost mini-comic book moments such as

• Superman must defeat a Lex Luthor mind controlled  Batman who has kryptonite batarangs at his disposal.

• A player must follow the buttons sequence to unleash a more powerful heat beam fro his Man of Steel than the alternate counterpart.

• Batman must beat Raven while the Scarecrows fear toxin overtakes him (the screen turns a glowing red orange and confuse the Caped Crusader).

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