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I’ll also briefly mention the online multiplayer action. Not to be missed is a WWE type mode called King of the Hill where up to eight players can participate in and watch matches in progress.

Now, winning in any of the above scenarios allows the player to level up and collect Armory Keys and Access Cards used to unlock alternate costumes (mostly from the alternate world but also look for ways to find classic garb including Blackest Knight Batman or Red Son Wonder Woman), concept art and music.

I was only slightly disappointed by some of the computer-animated cut scenes as they were not as impressive as seen in such titles as Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

However, the overall dynamic action resonates through every pore of my comic-book geek sensibilities and certainly makes Injustice: God Among Us one of the most enjoyable superhero-themed games of the last few years.

Parental advice: The ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board), after watching Joker slap Harley Quinn in the face and Lex Luthor get run over and ground into a pulp by a large tunnel-digging vehicle, decided to label this game “T” and that stands for teen — children 13 years and older need only try to conquer Injustice: Gods Among Us. So don’t let your 9–year-old convince you that “it’s just like the cool cartoons like you grew up with Dad. Remember “Super Friends?’” The game contains some brutal, slightly bloody combat against meta-humans  (although losers bow to defeat and do not die) often set off by outrageous cartoony violence but never as nasty as Mortal Kombat fatalities.