- The Washington Times - Monday, April 29, 2013

Four years later, Michael Jackson fans may receive a more complete accounting of what led to his death. That’s because lawyers in Los Angeles representing Jackson’s mother are poised to argue that the pop singer’s death came by way of the company promoting his comeback tour — and that means plenty of juicy behind-the-scenes details are on their way to tabloid tables.

Lawyers specifically are planning to attack the promotion company, AEG, on the line of argument that it was responsible for hiring and managing the doctor who was found guilty of manslaughter in Jackson’s death, via over-prescription of powerful sleeping drugs, The Associated Press reported. AEG denies any responsibility.

Opening statements on Monday are expected to detail Jackson’s addictions, AP said. And it’s to be a star-studded event. AP reported that the list of witnesses includes Quincy Jones, Diana Ross, Lou Ferrigno and Spike Lee.

The suit stems from 2010, when Mrs. Jackson claimed AEG failed to investigate and properly vet her son’s doctor, Conrad Murray, AP reported.



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